Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is a native of North Carolina, from Morehead City, and earned a degree in Political Science from UNC before navigating capital markets as a professional equity trader. Jeff then transitioned to politics and government, focusing on economic policy subsequent to covering politics for publication beginning in early 2016. He leverages his knowledge and experience as a Sr. Analyst with Global Risk Insights and has regular appearances in national and international business media to offer insights on political risk to markets from New York to Tokyo. He seeks to provide honest analysis and hold those in power accountable whenever they betray the principles of freedom that birthed the American idea.

Latest Articles

NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin Tweets Reads Like Campaign Ad for 2020...

Although NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin has now presided over a record fundraising cycle that contributed to Democrats making serious dents in the Republican legislative majority in 2018, he appears to me campaigning to get his old job back as State Insurance Commissioner.

Pelosi Postpones State of the Union Address Until After Shutdown, Meadows...

One of the main acts, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is now demanding that the president's State of the Union address, scheduled for January 29, be postponed until the shutdown is resolved. Her ostensible reason is 'security concerns,' but more likely the leading Democrat wants to block President Trump for speaking directly to the American people about the need for border security funding in order to end the shutdown.

Is Shutdown a Masterstroke in Reducing Federal Workforce and Eliminating Saboteurs?

The government shutdown, now the longest in history, could be all be sly plan by President Trump to permanently reduce the bloated federal bureaucracy and eliminate saboteurs that work within it.

Tillis Leading New ‘Gang of 20’ in Amnesty Push

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) is leading a new 'Gang of 20' in the US Senate that seeks to trade off amnesty for an end to the government shutdown.

State Auditor Slams Local Governments Fiscal Mismanagement

North Carolina's State Auditor Beth Wood, a Democrat, is calling out such local governments and the Carolina Journal is reporting on how she wants to punish local officials that can't seem to 'keep their books straight.'