Asheville Fraternal Order Of Police Building Vandalized By ‘Black Lives Matter’

ASHEVILLE – It’s been a while since we’ve seen any notable disturbance from ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM), but then again a lot of the Radical Leftists’ energy has been dedicated to Antifa and trying to bring down President Trump and Republicans over the past year.

BLM, however, seems to be alive and well in Buncombe County.

The vandalism comes after a recent police beating of a black man for ‘repeated Jaywalking’ in Asheville that was caught on video and has riled the community.

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That video is certainly damning and, according the News & Observer, 17 people arrested by the offending officer will have their charges dropped.

Though that cop should certainly face justice, the vandalizing of the Fraternal Order of Police building is not likely to achieve any sense of reconciliation between the Buncombe County Community and law enforcement as a whole.


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