Another Round Of Tax Cuts? Yes, Please

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s usually a sign that Republicans are drumming up something good when Democrats start sounding the alarm. Over the last few days, the Left has been whining about suggestions from President Trump and congressional Republicans that they are working on a ‘Phase Two’ of tax cuts.

“Just months ago, Republicans got away with a massive upward redistribution of wealth, raiding $1.5 trillion from the Treasury and sticking future generations with the bill.

Now, they’re going for more.

On Wednesday, President Trump touted his ginormous, sloppily drafted, deficit-financed tax cuts, written under cover of night without benefit of hearings or experts. The whole thing was so much fun, he said, that he hopes to do it all again.

This year.

“We’re actually going for a phase two which will help — in addition to middle class, it will help companies and it’s going to be something I think very special,” Trump said in Missouri. “Kevin Brady is working on it with me, Congress is working, the Senate’s working.””

A ‘massive upward redistribution of wealth’? ‘Raiding $1.5 trillion from the Treasury’?

None of that makes any sense at all. Redistributing something implies that someone else had a claim on it in the first place. Raiding the treasury would require the tax funds to actually make it to the treasury.

You can sense the dread of the Left with letting Americans keep even more of THEIR OWN MONEY.

One of the biggest shortfalls of the GOP Tax Cuts passed late last year was that individual income tax rates did not fall and flatten further. At the very least they should be made permanent, which is a bit of a misnomer in terminology when it comes to Washington, D.C. – they can always raise taxes.

Suddenly, the Left is concerned about deficits and debt, something they consistently ignore as long as it’s a Democrat pushing Big Government programs.

“This scheme is also coming from a party that once upon a time — way back in 2016, when a Democrat held the White House — decried out-of-control deficits.

Yet somehow we are already on track to have a trillion-dollar deficit this year, thanks to the recently passed tax law and additional spending increases. This fiscal flip-flop is astonishingly ill-timed, especially when you consider where we are in the business cycle. For most of the past 70 years, deficits fell when unemployment improved; today, with unemployment at a mere 4.1 percent, we’re engaging in huge deficit-financed stimulus.


Bafflingly, the party of fiscal conservatism has looked at all these factors and decided: Yup, now is definitely the time to dump even more tax cuts on the federal tab.

The question is: Why? Why gorge on more tax cuts, especially now?

Sure, public perception of the new tax law has improved from the bottom-of-the-barrel ratings it received in December. But approval ratings have leveled off since January, with only about 4 in 10 Americans saying they like it.”

To be clear, deficits are important and should be minimized, if not eliminated altogether, as soon as possible. But how do you eliminate deficit spending while also respecting property rights? You CUT SPENDING.

Alas, property rights are of no concern to the Left. In fact, the radical Left doesn’t think you have any right to the money you earn. Instead, they think it should all go to the State to be doled out to lower income earners to form a permanent dependency class. There are real life examples of where this ideology leads a society in Venezuela. I don’t see the Washington Post opinion writers clamoring to move to Caracas.

The perception of the tax cuts rose from ‘bottom-of-the-barrel ratings’ after being led there by an apoplectic Left. When people saw that the tax cuts didn’t end life as we know, and actually boosted their paychecks a good bit, the perception changed. The notion that approval ratings leveled off if evidence of demerit is ludicrous. If anything it means it was not enough.

So, “give” us more – more of our own money. Balance budgets on the spending side of the ledger by slashing entitlement programs and shrinking government. Return a respect for private property that has been slipping away for more than 100 years.

The Left will go nuts, but isn’t that a good thing? Consider how they view the 2017 cuts, and the potential for Round 2:

“The only thing left is to throw more good money after bad.”

Letting you keep more of your money is to ‘throw good money after bad.’ It was bad to let you keep that money you worked for, and it is worse still to let you keep more of it.

That is where the Left stands.

What are Republican politicians if they don’t stand 180 degrees in relation to that view? Part of the problem.

Read more of the Left’s whining about tax cuts here.

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