Americans For Prosperity: Roy Cooper’s “Budget Will Derail State’s Economy…”

Excerpt From: Americans For Prosperity.

Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina is calling out Governor Roy Cooper’s budget draft, which increases spending by more than $1.1 billion over the next year, funds the controversial and illegal Medicaid expansion, and increases corporate welfare programs, such as the state’s film tax credit program,by $10 million.

AFP-NC State Director Donald Bryson provided the following statement:

“Governor Cooper is looking backward to failed economic policies while so many North Carolinians are looking forward to higher paying jobs and new opportunity. His reckless budget proposal will increase spending by more than five percent, higher than the combined rate of inflation and population growth. This higher spending will either force substantially higher taxes on North Carolina families or cuts to other programs. Much of his spending will go to the controversial and illegal Medicaid expansion, putting taxpayers on the hook for a costly program with poor medical outcomes. He also is proposing a $10 million increase in handouts to Hollywood, when we should be ending all corporate welfare, while he had railed against ‘corporate tax giveaways’ as a candidate for office.



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