AG Josh Stein in 2018: ‘Bulk of Voter Fraud in Absentee Ballots,’ AG Josh Stein in 2020: ‘Everybody Vote By Mail; It’s Easy!’

NC Attorney General Josh Stein

RALEIGH – A feature of the Pandemic Panic fomented by the Democrats has been the push for ‘Mail-In-Voting.’ The idea as sold as a way to mitigate in-person contacts (voting in person), and thereby reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Yet, the real takeaway is that Democrats would LOVE for this election to be dominated by mail-in-voting, because they know such voting is the easiest to manipulate and harvest votes from. Even fraudulent ones.

How do we know they know this? Because they told us so.

In 2018, after the N.C. General Assembly voted to place a Voter ID Constitutional Amendment referendum on the ballot, a three-person commission was formed to determine the exact language to appear on the ballot.

On that majority Democrat commission was Attorney General Josh Stein. During the course of their effort to make the ballot language as anti-Voter ID as they reasonably could, Stein made a salient point: Voter ID isn’t necessary for election security because we know the ‘bulk of voter fraud’ happens with absentee ballots.

The ‘BULK’ of voter fraud happens absentee.

To Stein’s credit, it was a prescient point as well; coming just months before the electoral fraud saga of North Carolina’s 2018 9th Congressional District election, which revolved around…you guessed it…absentee ballots.

So, then, fast forward a couple of years to 2020, where Mail-In-Voting is being pushed hard amid the Pandemic Panic, and what does Attorney General Josh Stein think about such voting practices? Essentially:

‘Mail-In-Voting is GREAT! Everybody should do it! It’s so easy to use for electoral fraud! It’s so easy!’

On August 7, 2020, Stein posted the following Vote-By-Mail Promo to his Facebook page:

“[…] if you don’t want to vote in-person, in fact you can vote by mail and you don’t even have to have a reason. There’s no requirement that there be a special circumstance to vote by mail. Anyone who wants to can do it. To request your absentee ballot, you can do it in a few different ways.

You can do it right now by printing it out and faxing it in. Printing it out and hand-delivering it, or after September 1st you can you can actually make the request for your absentee ballot electronically through a portal.

In any event, you have to request your absentee ballot by Tuesday, October 27th. I strongly recommend you do it well before that, and I’ll explain why. 

When you get your absentee ballot regardless of how you requested it, you have to fill it out, sign it, and you have to have an adult, someone over 18, witness your ballot. And then you can either put it in the mail to the County Board of Elections, or drop it off at the County Board of Elections.

It has to be postmarked by Election Day, and received within three days of election day. For that reason, I strongly urge your to submit your mail-in ballot well in advance of that, by mid-October, one or two weeks before the election, because you don’t want some postal delivery hiccup to get in the way of having your vote count.

The key is any person who is a registered voter, an eligible voter in North Carolina who wants to participate in this election, we want you to. We want you to strengthen our Democracy and cast your ballot in the easiest way, best for you, that is safe.”

So he wants everyone to do it, for a good reason or no reason at all. AND, to send them in early, weeks before the actual election and probably before any debates.

He wants you to know how EASY it is to get one mailed to your house [to have one mailed to an unsuspecting edlerly person’s house for you to harvest], and how EASY it is to have just one random person over 18 years old to witness it [to bear witness to hundreds of harvested mail-in ballots], and how EASY it is to just drop it off at the Board of Elections [to dump hundreds of harvested ballots].

Just to reiterate, this is Stein just two years ago:

Hardly any in-person voter fraud occurs, but the bulk of voter fraud occurs absentee.

Why the change in attitude?

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