Add One More Under The Christmas Tree: Congress Sends Historic Tax Cut To President Trump, One NC Republican Votes Against

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Getting legislation through congress is difficult by design. Legislation that grows government always seems to have an easier road of it, though, and that which shrinks government’s slice of Americans’ paychecks is nearly impossible.

But historic tax cuts championed by Trump on the campaign trail, and Republicans since as long as one can remember, have made their way through the Swamp and is on its way to the president’s desk.

“The House gave the final stamp of approval Wednesday to a sweeping tax reform package, handing President Trump his first major legislative victory and most Americans a tax cut starting next year.

With a 224-201 House vote, Congress sent the $1.5 trillion package to Trump’s desk. The biggest rewrite of the federal tax code since the Reagan administration will usher in steep rate cuts for American companies, double the deduction millions of families claim on their annual returns and make a host of other changes taking effect in a matter of weeks.

“This bill means more take-home pay. It will be an incredible Christmas gift for hard-working Americans,” Trump said during a Cabinet meeting moments before the vote.

While the bill already earned House approval earlier Tuesday, the Senate had to ship it back for a final vote after stripping out three provisions that violated chamber rules, in a last-minute glitch. Twelve Republicans once again defected Wednesday to vote with Democrats in opposition.”

What does it say of the current condition of the Democratic Party that the entirety of its representation in congress voted against tax cuts for more than 80 percent of taxpaying Americans?

Conservatives have long known the bitter resentment and self-hate that motivates the Left, but how are Democrats of all stripes across the country when they realize that their politicians adamantly opposed the extra money in their check every month?

And those dozen Republicans that voted against it? All of the Republican ‘No’ votes were from moderates that come from three liberal states with high taxes – California, New York, and New Jersey – that are unhappy the tax reforms rolled back the federal deductions that gave them cover for their own high state taxes.

It forces people to feel the pain of their liberal State’s tax policies, and will hopefully push them to follow North Carolina’s lead in reducing tax burdens statewide.

Well, all of the Republican ‘No’ votes came from liberal states, with the exception of one…that came from North Carolina: Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC).

Jones is a deficit hawk O.G., so his opposition most likely stems from Congressional Budget Office projections that suggest letting more Americans keep more of their money will increase the deficit.

(This may sounds crazy, but perhaps they should *GASP* cut spending to fix that issue)

To Jones’ credit he consistently votes against any bill that adds to the debt or raises the debt ceiling, but this ‘No’ will be hard to stomach for voters in the 3rd congressional district. Especially when the longtime incumbent has already had primary contenders nipping at his heels the last two cycles.

Republican oddballs aside, the Democrats failed effort to defeat this bill was truly something to behold.

“Democrats sustained their vocal opposition to the bill – they’ve dubbed it a “scam” benefiting the wealthy – into the final moments. Protesters interrupted votes in both chambers. During the Senate vote overnight, they chanted “kill the bill, don’t kill us,” as Vice President Pence repeatedly called for order.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently compared the bill to ‘Armageddon’. The Democrats have kicked and screamed that the tax cuts were strictly for the wealthy, that it would be horrible for Republicans, and passing the bill would seal Republicans’ fate in the 2018 midterm elections.

If that was true – if the bill is bad for Republicans – then why did Democrats fight so hard to defeat it? Why were they so hyperbolic in their opposition and urging protests? If it were bad for Republicans, then wouldn’t Democrats simply get out of the way and let their political enemies shoot themselves in the foot?

Of course the answer is, they cried so loudly precisely because it is good for Republicans, good for individuals and businesses, and bad for Big Government.

Not to mention that the bill does what Republicans had failed to do for so long – repealed the individual mandate of portion of Obamacare. The mandate was Obamacare’s keystone and without it the entire monstrosity starts to fall apart.

When you’re catching flak, it usually means you are right over the target. The Big Government Left fired off all sorts of bombastic flak at this bill as it came whistling down upon their heads.

And now it is exploding their Leftist dreams with a money bomb for the American people.

Upon President Trump’s signature of this historic tax legislation before Christmas, the Democrats’ hopes of a wave election in 2018 will become a pipe dream before Easter arrives.

Read more about how the bill affects you here.

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