’16 Bridge Building Tips for White People’: Eastern NC Hospital System Sends Staff Woke Racial Equity Flyer

GREENVILLE – Vidant Health is a hospital and healthcare chain covering much of eastern North Carolina. Some crowd-following administrator or executive at said hospital apparently wants to be sure that their organization and staff are as woke as possible – especially the White People, you know how fragile they are.

Well, the initiative they’ve taken has raised the blood pressure of quite a few people, as outrage grows over a flyer they sent to staff: 16 Bridge Building Tips for White People.

The insidious, Orwellian garbage that is Critical Race Theory (Anti-Racism) has now made it’s way to eastern North Carolina. It’s a system that views everything through power/struggle dynamics, and mostly gives opportunity for bitter collectivists and hordes of useful idiots to feel smart by reciting the kind of intellectually bankrupt gibberish you see above.

We won’t waste time dissecting each line; instead we encourage you to head here for a comprehensive deconstruction of this immoral anti-racist ideology that has been spreading faster than the coronavirus.

Overall, however, you can imagine that a lot of people receiving this flyer were not very happy about it getting ‘Tips for White People.’

From the local WNCT:

“9 On Your Side is getting answers about a flyer emailed to Vidant Health employees.

At least half a dozen people contacted our newsroom about it.

The flyer is titled ‘16 bridge-building tips for white people’.

A viewer emailed the tips to 9OYS.

The tips include telling white people not to “white-splain” — or try to explain racism to people of color.

Another tip — advises them against trying to explain away a person of color’s experience of oppression.

A spokesperson tells 9OYS, the effort includes “voluntary virtual sessions” to foster honest dialogue and mindfulness.

The sessions are called ‘Let’s talk about it’.

It’s unclear when those sessions begin.

In the statement to workers, Vidant Health leadership shared “we remain committed to being brave…” and  “Vidant’s pursuit of belonging and love will guide us from a place of fear to growth.””

Yes; it was so brave of Vidant to scramble on to the bandwagon of Woke Warriors.

The flyer comes from BetheBridge.com, which is produced by Woke author Latasha Morrison, who penned a book by the same name.

Morrison says, “In an era when we are increasingly divided by racial lines […]”

This is Laugh Out Loud funny. This ‘era’ of racial division is literally being fomented in real time by these very progenitors of asinine analysis. One year ago, how racially divided did you feel? What about now?

She continues with acknowledging that many people are scared to talk about race (‘stepping into the gap’) because they are fearful of saying the wrong thing. That could be because Woke Warriors like her have turned normal discourse and definitions into racist buzz words. You cannot be non-racist, and if you claim it you are a fragile racist. You cannot prioritize equality; that’s racist. Actually, just your skin makes you racist. So, shut up and let “POC” yell and cuss at you….

Now, not only do the healthcare workers of Vidant have to deal with Pandemic Panic, the White People are encouraged to quietly panic inside about being racist with every breath they take.

So BRAVE Vidant! Bravo!

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